Today I will be showing you all one of the nail art designs I recently created. I was quite happy with how long it lasted which is definitely a result of good quality nail varnish! I started off by applying the base coat from Barry M and gave my nails a quick file to ensure my nails were rounded. I then added ‘Gray Suede’ from Revlon which I LOVE and applied two coats. Some people like to add the second coat whilst the first coat is still wet but personally I let the first coat dry completely before I add the second coat.

I then leave both coats to dry till the next day – the reason I do this is because sometimes I use nail pens and if my nail varnish is not completely dry then this tends to leave an indent which doesn’t look good. No no. I see my nails as a canvas…for me to add the design the background has got to be totally dry 🙂

I then used ‘Fraulein fine liners’ which my friend brought me for my birthday but I’m not sure where you can buy them. Once I find out I will add an update. Now the fun part…just apply diagonal white lines from the bottom corner of your nail and leave a space between each.

Now that you have done this do exactly the same thing – but on the other side of your nail. Ensure it crosses directly over your nail in a diagonal line to achieve the ‘diamond hatch’ effect. I did want to finish the look there but I was really tempted to see what silver would  look like so I added a silver trim to each white line creating a highlighted effect which I was really pleased with. So to summarise – the 7 points that you need to carry out in order to achieve this look are as follows:

  • Apply a base coat of Barry M’s Top coat and Nail hardener (to protect)
  • Add two coats of Revlon’s Gray Suede
  • Leave to dry completely!
  • Use any white nail liner to create diagonal lines
  • Do exactly the same thing on the other side to create a diamond effect
  • Use silver liner to highlight the white line
  • WAIT FOR IT TO DRY before you add another coat of clear to seal it all in

Until next time…keep your nails looking beautiful! Btw I also have a Instagram account!  I need to find out how to add a badge to my account but please follow me at @Naildesignguide

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