Today I will be showing you all how I created my diamond nail design using a multitude of different varnishes. This created a textured layered look which was pretty unique. It took a while to apply but I was really happy with the outcome so hope you enjoy finding out more and hopefully you can create your own look like this!

All you need to create your own diamond nail design:
Rimmel London Nail Nurse
Gabrini provitamin Nailpolish (327)
Art Deco nail art lacquer in silver
Fraulein white nail brush (thin)
Firstly, after preparing your nails apply Rimmel’s nail nurse for protection and then apply two coats of Gabrini’s provitamin Nailpolish. It doesn’t have a colour description but it does have 327 which is helpful lol – basically it is a dark silver metallic colour. I had a look and I couldn’t find their website but you should be able to get them your local hair/nail shops or use a dark equivalent. Because there are so many layers going on here it is important that you let these initial layers dry completely.  I let them dry completely and then started again the next day.
The next stage is all about applying the diamond effect. First you start by applying white lines diagonally across your nail from the corner and continue across the nail until it’s done. I found the website where I got my nail pens so if you want to buy them then head over here: Make sure you leave a decent gap between each one so once you cross over the ‘diamonds’ are noticeable. Continue to do this across all your nails until it’s done – it takes quite a long time but I found it quite therapeutic haha. Once that’s done bring out Art Deco’s silver line brush and repeat the process. All you really are doing here is following the initial diamond nail design alongside the white line (make sure you don’t go over it completely).
Lastly all you need to do is add another coat of clear nail varnish to seal it all in and you’re done! Because there are quite a lot of layers the clear nail varnish helps to even out the surface of your nail as well which helps. I’ve had this design for over a week now and it’s pretty solid…I’ve only started to see a chip or two now which is pretty awesome!
Until next time – keep your nails looking beautiful!

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