I’m SO excited because I’m going to the Holi festival! To honour this great event I’ve decided to add a twist to my nail art and use glitter dust to create a blended multicoloured style like the amazing colour clouds at the event…woohoo! I also like this style because I haven’t seen it anywhere else so remember where you saw it first! Firstly I grabbed my glitter dust pots from Barry M and my handy foundation sponge. I then cut it into little squares for each colour (so they don’t mix together and look bleugh).

  • Step one:  Apply clear nail varnish and whilst wet start dabbing the glitter dust with each piece of the foundation sponge.
  • Step two: You need to do this very quickly as it dries quite fast and looks a bit crap if done poorly.
  • Step three: Next try and be as random as possible when applying each colour  so it looks pretty and robust.
  • Step four: Now you’re going to have a lot of extra glitter surrounding your nail so just get a cotton bud and wipe this of with nail polish remover. No biggie.
  • Step five: Now we are going to use Models Own blue and white nail pen and draw the blue lines upwards in a diagonal line till it reaches the middle of your nail (basically draw an upside down V).


Now all you need to do is add another clear coat over this beautiful nail art to seal it in – again be quick with this as sometimes the nail pen can smudge even if its dry so just get it done as soon as possible ya heard! I will upload  some more pics post festival but until next time…keep your nails looking beautiful! 08/08/13

Nail art IMG_5199 IMG_5190  IMG_5193  IMG_5196 IMG_5197


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