In today’s blog post I will showing you all how I created my look for Lovebox! I started off using my actual outfit for the basis of my nail design. I find that white lines on a black background usually look more striking than black lines on a white background so I started off with this. I also used Barry M’s black Nail Paint as I find this gives my nails total coverage and a smooth finish. I applied two coats as it gives a really professional look – I also find that it lasts longer than other brands. Secondly I used ‘Model’s Own’ nail pens – I love these bad boys as they were created by Wah Nails who do a lot of amazing nail designs; if you haven’t followed them on Instagram yet I suggest you do so as they are really creative and produce a lot of great nail designs.

There are two options for the nail pen – one is the tip of the pen which actually comes out like a nib whilst the lid also opens to reveal a thin brush which applies thin straight lines which is also ideal when you are doing your left (or right) hand unless your ambidextrous! Using the small brush is relatively simple; make bold strikes across your nails as this will ensure lines are mega straight and bold. When it comes to the actual nail design you should do your nails in whatever style suits you best or whatever style you want to achieve. My outfit was modelled off an Aztec theme so you can either Google ‘Aztec designs’ and base your designs from this or even copy the pattern that I have created! I find that I start to be creative once I start anyway so you can just start using the pen and see where your creativity takes you!

I went for a lot of zig zags and diagonal lines as this is the pattern that I saw mostly on my dress and crop top combo. I’ve had this look for a few days now and only starting to see chipping so it’s really important to invest in good quality nail varnish. It’s also important to add a top coat to seal everything in so I use Barry M’s base and top coat nail hardener. It used to be Sally Henson’s clear nail polish which was great but to be honest was a little pricey and Barry M’s clear nail varnish does exactly the same thing so that’s my recommendation.

I also found these AMAZING nail rings from H & M so I also added these to complete the look as they really emphasis your nail design and are generally quite cute so that’s an extra bonus! I hope you found this post helpful and please leave a comment if you have any questions ;0)

Until the next time – keep your nails looking beautiful!

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