Nail Art Designs – Red + Gold and FURRY Navy Nails?!


Hi Guys! I’ve got a new post up for two of the most recent nail designs I did recently. One is a birthday design I did using nail tape and the other is a super furry design I created for Halloween!

Firstly I was very excited about the nail tape I brought from Amazon from a company called Cheeky nails. I had some great plans for this tape but unfortunately it was quite flaky and didn’t stay on very long AT ALL (it came off nearly straight away) but I took some pics for you guys so you can see the finished look. I would suggest actually drawing this line on with a thin brush of gold varnish as it is more permanent and lasts longer! The colour that I used beneath the nail tape was Barry M’s Gelly High Shine in blood orange which I love. If you want this tape to last at all I would suggest using nail glue underneath to help the tape stay on for longer but it is tricky. It’s also really important to cover the nail tape with clear nail varnish.

A step-by-step breakdown for my gold stripe nails are below:

  1. Apply a coat of Barry M’s base and top coat to protect.
  2. Apply two coats of Barry M’s blood orange nail varnish
  3. Whilst the last coat is still wet apply the tape (and cut where necessary)
  4. Finish off with another coat of clear nail varnish

The next style I did for Halloween was created using Rock Beauty nail design pack. I really liked this as it was quite unique and I’ve never seen it before. Basically it is a kind of felt (or velvet) that you pour over a wet underlayer of the same colour. This then sticks to give a really furry effect which worked well for Halloween when I went as a vampire mwahahaa!!  A step-by-step nail design guide is below:

  1. Apply a coat of Barry M’s base and top coat to protect.
  2. Apply two coats of the dark blue nail varnish
  3. If you apply just one it will come out quite patchy
  4. Pour a generous amount of felty/fur over your nail and tap offlabelbox_20131029_130037 (1)
  5. Add a few dabs of nail varnish (or nail glue) and stick the gems on top
  6. It’s all about the texture so don’t cover with clear nail varnish

Until next time – keep those nails looking beautiful!


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My name is Sarah and I am a nail blogger from London who has long since had a passion for all things creative which has manifested itself through my nails. In addition to my nails I believe that there are many opportunities to be artistic in all things around us! This site has been born from my passion for nail art 🙂

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