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I have been doing nails for years and over time I have accumulated a catalogue of nail designs which I would love to share with you! Nail design is a passion of mine and it gives me an opportunity to express myself creatively – I love coming up with new ideas that reflect my personality. Some of my nail designs I have added below and range from inspired looks to completely bespoke designs.  For example the Holi Festival designwas inspired by the colour ‘clouds’. For this I used glitter powder from Barry M and Models Own nail pens – the full post is on my Holi Festival page

I also created a Run to the Beat nail design based purely off the running kit provided!  As the Ombre nail design is so popular nowadays I also created an alternative style using different products (Barry M’s glitter powder) and this allowed me to add a twist to an original and make it more unique. Another style that I was inspired by came from the Queen of Nail art Chelsea Queen… I changed the colours to create an alternative look (the original is on The Chelsea Queen website). One of my favourites is the Aztec nail design which I totally LOVED and I liked the contrast of the black and white. Have a look below at all my nail designs including a little collage I put together 🙂

The next style I can’t wait to try requires nail tape which I am waiting for from Ebay – once they arrive I will have another unique look to add! Oh yes I am also on Facebook now and @naildesignguide on Instagram so follow and LIKE my page for new tips and nail art designs. Until then…keep your nails looking beautiful!!

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IMG_2306 IMG_2397IMG_5186

Run to the Beat IMG_5443Charm-bracelet-nails_2

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