Nail Ideas we should leave behind in 2018


Welcome to 2018! As we embark on a new year with new goals and motivations I propose we leave behind some nail trends we DO NOT need! I bring to you my fair ladies and gentlemen, nail ideas we could do without in 2018.  Leave a comment if you agree/disagree/want to add to this. I welcome all!

Furry Nails 
I mean I’m all for creativity but fur nails is a step too far! I did actually try a furry style a while back from Rock Beauty. I must admit it was a little strange and felt a lil gross lol. Hopefully we can move forwards into 2018 with smooth surface nails that are fit for any Queen x

Spiral Nails
Spiral nails have always evaded my level of understanding but I wonder how people actually do things with their hands?! Don’t get me wrong this design looks super pretty but I will always go for function over fashion and this is a prime example of that in my eyes:

Duck Nails
I must say that although this design is a lot more functional I’m not sure that this nail idea will stay. If I had to make a prediction I would say that this will fizzle out just like my prediction for spiral nails. I had a quick look at Instagram and there have been 4,639 tags online for #ducknails so it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere soon! We live in hope lol:

Pierced Nails
Now in moderation I think pierced nails can look good however in this occurrence I would have to say I’m not convinced. How would one go about doing daily tasks?! Also I’m pretty sure the chains could get tangled or caught on something/someone else! That could really mess up your morning commute HAHA. This look was actually created by one of my favourite nail artists (Chelsea Queen).

Pom Pom nails
I actually like this style however I really don’t think it’s practical. I can imagine putting my hands in my pocket and alas, the pom poms are gone (or I can save them again for later but I guess that would be kinda pointless). To be fair the design I’ve re-posted below went live in 2016 but as pom poms are still around I’m hoping 2018 marks the end of this look too (no offence):

So there you have it! Those were my top 5 nail designs that we should leave behind in 2018. Not to say that these nail designs were not executed amazingly well and I applaud all nail artists – these looks are just not for me that’s all. Until next time…keep those nails looking beautiful!

[All pictures have been referenced in their corresponding Instagram pictures]

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