Today’s post I will be showing you all my Ombre nail design I created a few months ago. I’ve seen this design around and have always wondered how they created a blended effect (I used to think it was done by airbrush lol). After watching a few posts /Instagram pics/You Tube tutorials and scouring the internet for ways to do this I found that the handy make-up sponge actually does the job pretty well!

It is always important when preparing your nails for any designs to ensure they are stripped of all previous nail varnish and reshaped using a good quality file – you don’t want those metal files that leave chipping or bitty parts on your nail. I absolutely detest when my nails have a little nick on them. I literally carry a nail file with me at all times to ensure my nails are smooth as eggs lol :p  It is also important (even though I don’t do this every time) to look after your cuticles. It’s not  a delightful task but it really important so I use Sanctuary’s handcare cuticle oil.  I just pop it on and leave it to absorb for about 5 minutes and then I’m good to go! After this all you need to do is push the cuticle back with a cuticle pusher tool – you can get these from anywhere really and they are quite cheap…if you don’t have one go out there and get one 🙂 Some people also cut the cuticles with small scissors but I’m not really into that so I leave that out lol.


For my style I have used  No 7  ‘Damson Dream’ – I got it for Christmas and it came in a pack of 4 – I think it was red, gold, green and purple. If you know you know! I brought mine from Boots so hopefully you can still get it from there or No 7 directly. Next I used Barry M’s Dazzle Dust in Bronze – this is actually eye shadow but one creative day I sprinkled a little onto my purple nail varnish (which has to be slightly wet) and got this really nice effect and I have since developed this using the make up sponge. My top tips for the Ombre nail design are as follows:

  1. Apply one coat of No 7’s Damson Dream
  2. Dip the make up sponge into the Dazzle Dust
  3. When applying the second coat of purple  go nail by nail
  4. Whilst still tacky (not completely wet) apply the gold gradually over  the top half of your nail using the sponge
  5. Apply clear nail varnish over your nails
  6. Re-apply a second layer of gold dust to the top half of your nail

One of the key things for this design to work is that the undercoat has to be slightly wet to allow the gold to stick.  Barry M’s Dazzle Dust creates a really effective blended effect because of the glitter particles which fall into place to give that gradual appearance. I’m not sure how I found this but one day I just though ‘oh I’ll try this out’ and happened to really like it! To ensure there is enough coverage I tend to put two coats of each on which makes the contrast more prominent. As usual I go for Barry M’s nail hardener to seal it all in for a professional finish. I also found this gorgeous nail ring from New Look that covers two fingers and emphasises your Ombre nails even more!

Until next time – keep your nails looking beautiful!


Nail-designs-image_1 Nail-designs-image_4 Nail-designs-image_3 Nail-designs-image_2











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